Our Story

Falcon VIP Travel was founded in 2018 by Helen Rowland.

“I have 17 years of experience in the travel industry and I feel extremely privileged to have experienced such a wide rage of roles within my working career in which I have learnt valuable skills and gained extensive knowledge which is key to running a successful travel company. But my passion for travel started many years before…

From a very young age, I was lucky to have the opportunity to travel to many wonderful destinations around the world with my family. As my passion for travel grew from then and I went onto college where I was awarded an AVCE in ‘Travel Agency’. I moved into the travel agency industry and continued my education in travel to gain an NVQ level 1-3 in Travel services and a diploma in Travel Services and Customer service. I was a successful retail travel agent and quickly became a branch manager. After some years of booking these wonderful holidays, my curiosity got the better of me. I needed to know how it all worked.
How did pressing some buttons on a computer turn into this amazing holiday experience? I was about to find out.

I went to Turkey for the first time in 2012 and I was a personal concierge for a luxury holiday company. I saw the experience from start to finish and played a part in ensuring the customers holiday was perfect in every way. I stayed overseas and moved around to different countries and tried my and hand at different roles at every stage of the customer journey.

Since moving overseas I have experienced many roles from holiday reps to airport services, hotel operation management to transport and logistics. I’ve worked in destination management and tour operator services and have experienced the full journey of how a holiday is created. From the travel agent making the booking, the booking being processed and confirmed in destination, right through to welcoming the guests on arrival – not to mention what goes on behind the scenes to tie all the ends together.

After a long time planning and successfully passing rigorous applications, I was awarded my licences to enable me to channel all of my passion, together with my experience, knowledge and skills and to do what I do best, creating unique and memorable holiday experiences.

Together with my partner, Billy Sahin, we founded Falcon VIP Transfers in 2017 which has soon become very successful private VIP transfer service operating from Dalaman airport in Turkey. We are very proud of what we achieved and thank every one of our friends, family and most importantly our wonderful customers for their support.

With the strong presence and excellent reputation of Falcon VIP that we are so proud of, it’s a pleasure to be able to say that we are able to expand our brand and introduce our independent travel agency – Falcon VIP Travel.

With the more recent news of tour operators going out of business, in particular the internationally recognised Monarch holidays, coupled with the increase in fraudulent activity around the world, consumer financial protection is becoming a necessity and is a legal requirement under the package tour regulations 1992 for all travel agents and tour operators registered in the UK.

With that in mind, large operators such as TUI, Thomas Cook and Jet2 are seeing an increased number of package holiday bookings and in particular reacting to increased demand for Turkey. Great for the country’s tourism economy in general. These large multi-national tour operators are contracting a large number of the most popular, usually larger properties and offering very little flexibility for accommodation options if they don’t offer what you’re looking for. Of course, they package their holidays with their own flights, giving a limited choice to the customers in terms of departure airports and flight times. Currently, if a customer wants to book a private villa, family-run apartment or small hotel they must book direct and organise their own flights leaving them financially vulnerable should any issues arise.

Falcon VIP Travel fills the space exactly for what was missing in today’s market. A personal service from start to finish giving you the best of both worlds – Flexibility and value. Even more reason to book your holiday with Falcon VIP Travel.