Financial Protection

As a UK-registered independent travel agent, we have to comply with strict consumer protection legislation. There are several different ways we could achieve this, such as membership of the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) or the Association of Independent Tour Operators (AITO). We have chosen to belong to the Travel Trust Association which is a travel trust scheme designed for niche agents and tour operators such as ourselves. We find the Travel Trust Association provides the best solution for small travel companies, as it is very pro-active and responsive in terms of helping and supporting our business while still providing our customers with maximum financial protection.

You can find out more about the Travel Trust Association by clicking here

Our TTA Membership number is Q7442

UK Law on Selling Tours

British law on selling tours is very simple. If a UK-registered travel company puts together a trip combining two or more elements (hotels and transport, for instance), the trip is classified as a “tour”, and the company then has to provide financial protection to its clients.

How It Works

Together with the TTA, we guarantee your holiday is 100% financially protected. When you pay for your holiday or any services with Falcon VIP Travel, your money is paid into a dedicated trust account which is administered by independent trustees. This means that if we fail to deliver the service we’ve promised, or in the unlikely event that we cease trading, your payment is 100% protected and can be recovered.

If you’d like to verify our membership of the Travel Trust Association or have any questions, the TTA team will be happy to help put your mind at rest. You can find more information here, or call TTA directly on their UK local number  01483 545 780.