Faralya & Kabak

The region of Faralya is simply stunning. The journey from Ölüdeniz to Faralya offers some of the most incredible views along the coast especially that of Butterfly Valley. That winding mountain road runs through Faralya and comes to an end just above Kabak bay, the small cove which has become more popular in recent years especially amongst young Turkish visitors and international tourists too.

Unless you fancy camping in one of the campsites dotted around the region, accommodation in Faralya and Kayak offer intimate luxury boutique or lodge style retreats all offering stunning views and pure relaxation with a get-away-from-it-all atmosphere. Of course for such picturesque views, this means accommodation is mostly mountainside with steep walks down to the beautiful turquoise waters of Kabak beach.

Faralya and Kabak also offers plenty in the way of yoga, meditation, hiking and vegan retreats. Perfect for the ultimate relaxation and intimate get away.

Being close to the resort of Ölüdeniz, it’s an ideal destination to combine tranquility with lively either by day trips or why not create a twin centre holiday to get the best of both worlds.

Where to stay in Faralya & Kabak