1. Terms and Conditions

We, act as a retail booking agent in respect of all bookings make on your behalf. In relation to Package holidays organised by us or flights sold without any other service. 

For all such arrangements where we act as your retail agent, your contract for the supply of the service(s) in question will also bewith the disclosed supplier of the service(s) in question. When making your booking, we will arrange for you to enter into a contract with that supplier. Your booking will be subject to these terms and conditions for our booking services and also any booking conditions of the disclosed supplier of your travel arrangements. You are advised to read all applicable conditions carefully prior to booking. Except where otherwise stated, we do not accept liability in relation to any contract you enter into or for any arrangements with any other supplier(s) connected with any arrangements.

For the avoidance of doubt, where we sell you a Package holiday that has been organised by another supplier, we will sell that holiday as retail agent for that supplier. Where that Package holiday includes a flight, the flight will be protected by the supplier’s ATOL and the ATOL Certificate will be issued by us on behalf of that supplier.

These terms and conditions govern the contract between you and us and are in addition to supplier terms and conditions where applicable. Where to find additional supplier terms and conditions will be indicated on your contact in the “important information” section if such applies to you. These [combined, if applicable] terms and conditions are to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions save for those implied by law, and no variation to these terms and conditions only shall be valid unless in writing and signed by you and the company director. Additional supplier terms and conditions, if applicable to your event are subject to change at the discretion of the supplier. 

2. Formation of Contract

When you make a booking, you guarantee that you are over 18 and have the authority to accept, and do accept these conditions on your behalf and on behalf of all members of your party and, if you are making a booking for more than one person, that you are responsible for all payments due from each and every party member for whom you are making a booking. 

Where we are acting as booking agent, your booking is confirmed and a contract between you, us and the supplier will exist when we send you a confirmation invoice. Please check your confirmation invoice carefully and report any incorrect or incomplete information to us immediately. If you have paid a deposit, you must pay the full balance by the balance due date notified to you. If full payment is not received by the balance due date, we will notify the supplier who may cancel your booking and charge the cancellation fees set out in their booking conditions.

Upon receipt, if you believe that any details on the confirmation or any other or any other document are wrong you must advise us immediately. Please ensure that names are exactly as stated in the relevant passport. As we act only as booking agent, we have no responsibility for any errors in any documentation except where an error is made by us.

It is your responsibility to ensure that any information which is given to you by us or any of our employees or suppliers is passed on to all members of your party. Any information which we give to you shall be deemed as given to each and every party member for whom you are making or have made a booking. We can only liaise with the lead passenger on the booking.

We reserve the right to return your deposit and decline to issue a confirmation at our absolute discretion.

3. Lead Name

The lead name on any booking with us is the person who makes the initial booking. The lead name accepts the full responsibility of collecting the full balance payable for the booking and indemnifies Falcon VIP Travel against any loss from any individual failing to pay within your group. The lead name of the group is also responsible for ensuring that all members of the party are aware they are bound by terms and conditions set out herewith. The lead name is responsible for providing correct information about all party members. Falcon VIP Travel cannotbe held responsible for incorrect information given relating to you, the lead name or their party members. It is understood that those booking via email, social media and via our website agree to and accept our terms and conditions. Those booking via the telephone will be directed to our website to ensure they agree to the terms and conditions on the website. 

4. Pricing and Payment

The price of a flight may include taxes, fees and charges which are imposed on air transportation by government authorities. They may represent a significant portion of the cost of air travel and are either included in the fare or shown separately on your ticket. You may also be required to pay taxes or fees or other charges not already collected, for example, it is not always possible to include all departure taxes on your ticket(s). In some cases departure taxes for certain countries must be paid by you locally to the Government of the country you are departing from and are therefore non-refundable nor covered by us.

The price of each product or service is regularly reviewed and is subject to availability and change. Promotional or discounted offers are provided at our discretion. All offers are subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time. We will charge you for any additional handling fees incurred by us in respect of payment through a debit or credit card and in addition to the price of your trip. 

Bookings made on the telephone may incur a supplementary charge to cover the additional resource costs involved. We reserve the right to record telephone calls for training and quality purposes.
Deposits are payable at the time of booking and the balance of payments are split into phases with the first being an agreed non-refundable deposit is payable at the time of booking.
The final balance is to be paid by the balance due date as stated on your booking confirmation. This is often, but not limited to 70Days (ten weeks) before the date upon which your event is due to start. Failure to pay in full by the date stated may result in a £10.00 per person late payment charge. If you do not make your final balance payment before the date stated in the supplier’s additional terms and condition, then you shall be deemed to have cancelled the event and a refund of the deposits and previous payments where appliciable, will not be refunded. Deposits are used by us to enter into contractual arrangements on your behalf and are non refundable.

Payments can be made with a valid Credit or Debit Card or by bank transfer. Cheque payments are not accepted. Charges will apply if paying by credit card and these vary between 2-5% depending on the card issuer to a maximum of £20.00. You will be advised of the credit card fee if applicable at the time of payment. There are no additional charges if paying by Debit Card or by bank transfer.

Proof of payment made by bank transfer, will need to be supplied when completing the booking to ensure that we have received the money before entering into a contract with the supplier on your behalf.

Prices are live and are correct at the time of booking. Prices can and do fluctuate in real time and the price is not guaranteed until the booking has been confirmed. We will notify you at the final stage before confirming your booking if there is a difference in pricing from what you were quoted. 

All events are subject to availability and are correct at the time of booking. 

5. Changes or cancellations by you

If you wish to change any part of your confirmed arrangements or cancel them, you must inform us in writing as soon as possible and we will liaise with any applicable supplier on your behalf. This should be done by the first named person on the booking. Whilst we will do our best to assist, we cannot guarantee that any supplier will be able to meet your requested change as amendments can only be accepted in accordance with their terms and conditions. Cancellation charges and amendment fees will apply in accordance with the supplier’s terms and conditions and will increase the closer to the departure date that the cancellation or amendment is made.

6. Changes or cancellations by us

We will inform you as soon as reasonably possible if any supplier needs to make a significant change to your confirmed arrangements or to cancel them. We will also liaise between you and any applicable supplier in relation to any alternative arrangements offered but we will have no further liability to you. 

We reserve the right to cancel the event or any part of it if: a) forsafety reasons, we or our supplier(s) regard adverse weather conditions or other safety concerns as unacceptable and which cannot reasonably be overcome. b) We reasonably believe that you may cause harm or damage to our reputation or to the reputation of our suppliers or to property belonging to our suppliers. c) A supplier or suppliers are unable to host the event for any reason. d) Changes you wish to make to the booking mean it is uneconomical or impractical to hold the event. 

If we cancel the event we will endeavour make alternative arrangements with an event of a comparable standard and description on a mutually convenient date if the reason for cancelling is not related to point b) above or if it does not fall within section 12 below. If the reason for us cancelling is not in relation to point b) above or section 12 below and if we cannotprovide an alternative or if the alternative is not suitable within fair reason, in certain circumstances we can provide a refund of the cost of the event. Save as above we shall be under no further liability to you for cancellation of the event or any part of it. You may also be bound by the terms and conditions issued directly by the supplier. (See section 1. Terms & Conditions) 

If we or the supplier need to make any changes to the event or any of its details we will inform you of this as soon as we are notified. It will depend on the severity of the change as deemed by the supplier as to the action taken. The severity, usually referred to as a minor or major change, will be communicated to you when we are informed of the change and the applicable supplier terms and conditions will apply.

7. Failure to Provide an Event

If, due to reasons beyond our control, an event is unable to take place then we will provide you and your party with an alternative event of a similar value, standard and description. These reasons may include (but are not limited to) closure of premises, the ceases of trading, a change in supplier management or weather restrictions. If the value of the alternative is higher you will be expected to pay the difference. If the value of the alternative is lower, we will refund the difference (if paid in full) or you will only be required to pay the balance of the new alternative cost. However, if this is does not prove possible, a full refund will be given.

8. Accuracy

We endeavour to ensure that the details of all products, including prices, displayed on our websites are accurate. However, given the high volume of flights, hotels and other products offered it is inevitable that, in exceptional cases, mistakes will arise. If mistakes are identified before a booking is made we are unable to honour this. If a mistake is identified after the booking is made, within reason, we will honour the mistake unless we advise otherwise. We cannot accept all liability for these errors. Prices and information are correct at the time of publishing, however they are subject to availability and change. Prices fluctuate constantly and our website is not live. Prices quoted cannot be held and are only correct at the time of quotation.

You must ensure you check the price and all other details of your chosen arrangements with us at the time of booking.

All of the photographs and illustrations we use on our website and in literature (including quotations) we send you are for marketing purposes and may not entirely represent the actual products received.

10. Passport, Visa & Health Requirements

It is your responsibility to check and fulfil the passport, visa, health and immigration requirements applicable to your itinerary. We can only provide general information about this. You must check requirements for your own specific circumstances with the relevant Embassies and/or Consulates and your own doctor as applicable. Requirements do change and you must check the up to date position in good time before departure.

Most countries now require passports to be valid for at least 6 months after your return date. If your passport is in its final year, you should check with the Embassy of the country you are visiting. For further information contact the Passport Office on 0870 5210410 or visit https://www.gov.uk/browse/abroad/passports

Special conditions apply for travel to the USA, and all passengers must have individual machine readable passports. Please checkthis information. For European holidays you should obtain a completed and issued EHIC prior to departure. Up to date travel advice can be obtained from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, visit https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice

In addition many countries require a visa for travel, and supporting documents in relation to parentage of children can also be required for travel.

Non British passport holders, including other EU nationals, should obtain up to date advice on passport and visa requirements from the Embassy, High Commission or Consulate of your destination or country(ies) through which you are travelling.

We do not accept any responsibility if you cannot travel, or incur any other loss because you have not complied with any passport, visa, immigration requirements or health formalities. You agree to reimburse us in relation to any fines or other losses which we incur as a result of your failure to comply with any passport, visa, immigration requirements or health formalities.

Pre-Travel Advice: The Foreign and Commonwealth Travel Advice Unit may have issued information about your holiday destination. You are advised to check whether or not such information has been issued by visiting www.fco.gov.uk/knowbeforeyougo prior to travelling. It is your responsibility to check any advice issued by the Foreign and Commonwealth Travel Advice Unit and we accept no responsibility for this.

11. Complaints

We make every effort to ensure that your holiday arrangements run smoothly but if you do have a problem during your holiday, please inform the relevant supplier (e.g. your hotelier) immediately who will endeavour to put things right. If your complaint is not resolved locally, please contact your tour guide or if you are holidaying in our designated specialist area of Turkey (Fethiye area) you can contact Falcon VIP Travel locally to support with this. Failure to do so will affect ours and the applicable supplier’s ability to investigate your complaint, and will affect your rights under this contract. If the problem cannot be resolved and you wish to complain further, you must send formal written notice of your complaint to us at our office within 28 days of the end of your stay, giving your booking reference and all other relevant information. Please keep your letter concise and to the point. This will assist us to quickly identify your concerns and speed up our response to you.

We will assist and support wherever possible in obtaining a satisfactory outcome with the supplier to which your complaint is relating. However, we cannot be held responsible nor control the outcome that is given by the supplier.

12. Your Obligations

12.1 Proof of Purchase and tickets
You should ensure that you travel with your booking confirmations, e-tickets and any other travel documentation (including your passport) at all times. We will not be liable for any supplier not providing you with the booked product or service if you do not produce such documentation.

12.2 No Show and missed events
If you have a booking for any of our products or services, including flights, car hire, accommodation and packages, but you do not show up to check-in, collect the car or otherwise do not avail yourself of such product or service, you will not be entitled to any refund from us. Certain airlines may also cancel the return portion of your ticket if you fail to take the outbound journey. Please contact us if you fail to take the outbound journey but intend to use the inbound portion of a return ticket. Falcon VIP Travel will not be held liable for any party or persons within a party who miss their flights or any other service whether it is due to their own fault or reasons beyond their control. We will however assist as much as possible in changing the missed service or finding alternative arrangements although you will be liable for the cost of these alternative arrangements or any appliciable administration fees.

12.3 Your Behaviour
It is your responsibility to ensure that you and the members of your group do not behave in a way which is inappropriate or causes danger, distress, offence or damage to others or which risks damage to property belonging to others (including but not limited to drunkenness and air rage) whilst on your trip. If, in our reasonable opinion or that of our suppliers, your behaviour is inappropriate and causes danger, distress, offence, or damage to others, or risks damage to property belonging to others, we and/or our suppliers (e.g. hotel managers, airline pilots) may take appropriate action in order to ensure the safety and comfort of our customers and their property and that of our suppliers, including terminating your trip, in which case our and our supplier’s responsibility to you will cease immediately and you will not be eligible for any refunds, payments of compensation and/or any reimbursement of any cost or expenses you may incur as a result of such termination. Further, you will be liable to reimburse us for any expenses we incur necessarily as a result of such termination.
You shall at all times behave in a safe, responsible and courteous manner and comply with all instructions, regulations and codes of practice issued by us or our suppliers. You must ensure that you comply with all age restrictions imposed by our suppliers, ensure that you comply with all dress codes where applicable and familiarise yourself with you supplier(s) terms and conditions for each event. If you breach these obligations we may cancel or curtail the event or any part of it and in those circumstances you shall not be entitled to any refund. 

12.4 Law enforcement and local customs
Different countries practice different customs and their laws are often different to those that you may be familiar with in your home country. It is your responsibility to abide by these laws and customs. Failure to do so or if you break the law during your trip may result in prosecution and may include fines and/or imprisonment. Falcon VIP Travel will not be held liable for any such activity and you will be expected to receive appliciable punishments in accordance with local laws and customs. You will be responsible for paying for any additional costs that may be incurred or extensions of stay where applicable. Furthermore, if we incur any additional costs relating to this you will also be liable to cover these costs.

12.5 Travel Insurance
We strongly recommend that you do not travel without adequate Travel Insurance for your own protection and peace of mind. Please be aware that some airlines and tour operators may not allow you to travel without insurance. It is your responsibility to ensure that you purchase adequate travel insurance for your needs and that it includes delays for events involving travel by land, sea, or air and that covers any pre-existing medical conditions if applicable. You must ensure that you have researched and are comfortable with the level of cover your policy offers. Falcon VIP Travel will not be held liable for any claim whether covered or not covered. Suppliers have the right to refuse travel if you fail to obtain adequate travel insurance for your event. In such circumstances you may be refused travel and no refund of monies will be given.

13. Passenger Ages

When travelling on an arrangement including hotel accommodation, no person under the age of 18 years will be allowed to travel independently. The exception is for Las Vegas where visitors are required to be 21 years old if unaccompanied. The passenger’s age relates to the whole of the period when they are away including the day of return. When travelling on a flight-only basis, passengers can usually travel alone if they are aged 14 years or over subject to airline approval, providing they can travel unassisted. Airlines reserve the right not to accept unaccompanied minors less than 14 years of age for carriage. If an under 14 year old needs to travel unaccompanied, please contact us to request assistance before making a booking.  

Infant Prices: Infants must be under 2 years old on the return date of travel. If your child celebrates his or her 2nd birthday while on holiday, you must book and pay the appropriate child fare. Charges for infants vary depending on the route and length of flight and will be advised in the booking process. Infants are not entitled to their own seat and must travel on an adult’s lap. If you require a seat for your infant to sit separately you will need to purchase a child’s ticket at the appropriate fare. Infants do not always receive a personal baggage allowance as this varies from carrier to carrier. Infant equipment such as cots, cot beds etc. are not provided as standard and must be requested. They are not guaranteed.
Airlines vary in their minimum age requirements but usually an infant must be at least 14 days old to travel on an aircraft for health and safety reasons. Please refer to the relevant supplier’sterms and conditions to confirm this before booking.

Child Prices: Children are usually classed as aged 2 – 11 years old on the return date of travel to qualify for any applicable child fare reduction. Children aged 12 years and older often pay the full fare and have their own seat and also have a full baggage allowance.The exception to this is some tour operators self-catering package holidays.

Accommodation only bookings such as apartments and villas do not usually offer a child reduction and will be priced based on the number of beds available. Prices will be explained in more detail at the time of being quoted. 

14. Communications

The email address that you provide with your booking will be used for all future communication with you, including any changes and additional information on your flights and/or hotel bookings. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure that you check your email on a regular basis, and also notify us should your email address change.

We may contact you from time to time by email with details of offers and promotions. If you do not wish to receive such emails please inform us and we will remove you from our marketing list.

For after sales service we can be contacted between the hours of 9.00am – 5.00pm, Monday to Friday on 0044 (0) 7392674788.

15. Special Requests & Disabilities

Please advise us of any special requests and we will pass these on to the relevant supplier. However, we cannot guarantee your special request as we do not have any direct control over the manner in which the services are provided.

We are not a specialist disabled holiday company, but we will do our upmost to cater for any special requirements you may have. If you or any member of your party has any medical problem or disability which may affect your stay, please provide us with full details before we confirm your booking so that we can try to advise you as to the suitability of your chosen arrangements.  We may require you to produce a doctor’s certificate certifying that you are fit to participate in the tour. Acting reasonably, if we are unable to properly accommodate the needs of the person(s) concerned, we will not confirm your booking or if you did not give us full details at the time of booking, we will cancel it and impose applicable cancellation charges when we become aware of these details.

16. Changes to Terms & Conditions

We may amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. If we do amend these terms and conditions, the amended terms will be effective when posted on this website and you are deemed to have accepted the relevant changes.

17. Additional Terms

Additional terms and conditions may apply to reservations, purchases of goods and services and other uses of portions of this site, and you agree to abide by such other terms and conditions. 

18. Weather

We cannot be held responsible for any disruption to your trip due to bad or unusual weather conditions.

19. Jurisdiction
This agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to deal with any disputes arising between you and us or our suppliers.

These Booking Conditions, together with any other written information we brought to your attention before your booking was confirmed, form the basis of your contract for agency booking services with Falcon VIP Travel.